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The world is likely entering its second global recession in a decade, and Northern Ireland businesses will potentially experience a double whammy with the upcoming ‘Brexit’.

But unlike the previous recession – which many consider was caused by unscrupulous bankers and a global pattern of gaining credit without the means to pay it back – the impending recession has been brought about by an invisible and previously unknown threat: Coronavirus!

Businesses in Northern Ireland have had to juggle a multitude of complex issues: furloughing, social distancing, immigration, cashflow, all in the face of the likely imposition of higher taxes in the not-too-distant-future.

To navigate the choppy waters ahead, local businesses of all sizes need to prepare as if the future of their business depends on it; because it does.

At Granite Legal Services, our team of dual-qualified solicitors can lighten the burden.

With decades of experience gained from working on both sides of the Irish border – and indeed in England – our lawyers offer practical legal advice for individuals and businesses.

Here are six legal services every Northern Ireland business needs now more than ever.


1. Commercial Law.

Despite the dual threats posed by Brexit and COVID-19, Northern Ireland businesses can counteract the worst consequences by getting specialist commercial legal advice.

Providing specialist commercial legal advice across a range of businesses and sectors, Granite Legal Services works hard to understand a client’s business and the environment they operate in, so that they are best placed to assist clients manage their risk exposure.

Starting a new business, as an individual, a partnership or setting up a company?

Granite Legal Services can advise you on the various forms of business vehicle so that you can make a decision which is best suited to your individual circumstances and commercial objectives?

We can also advise you on how to operate your business commercially in order to minimize risk and can prepare a variety of commercial legal documents, including commercial contracts, terms of business etc. so that your business is set up for success.

2. Corporate & Compliance

Failure to understand (and comply with) company constitutional matters and regulatory/governance obligations can have damaging consequences for a business and its professional reputation.

Whether it’s to do with European red tape or post-Brexit Westminster-imposed bureaucracy, Granite Legal Services can readily understand the business environment you operate in and advise you on the relevant regulatory and corporate compliance requirements that may exist.

And with the scope of regulatory law increasing, it is essential to have a clear legal steer and consistent, preventative advice to minimise the impact of regulatory issues on your business.

We will take the time-consuming tasks off your hands; assessing and advising you on typical and specific regulatory and corporate compliance areas.

We can also draft relevant policies and procedures to reduce risk.


3. Employment Law.

Many people consider that the success of a business, will be dependent on the strength of its staff.  Whilst this may be to a large extent true, it is equally important to ensure staff are efficiently managed and supported in accordance with their employment law rights and using best practice

With its wealth of experience in employment law, Granite Legal Services can minimize risk to a business from an employment law perspective by providing practical advice across the full spectrum of potential employment issues.

Recruitment and Selection can be a bureaucratic nightmare for employers. Whether it’s ensuring compliance with; anti-discrimination laws, new legislation that may emanate from ‘Brexit’, or internal policies and procedures employers should ensure they know what they need to comply with and what they are doing is correct.

Thereafter, employers need to ensure the relevant employment contract and contents of the staff handbook are appropriate to the particular employee recruited.  And not forgetting immigration status, particularly in the post Brexit landscape.  There is a lot to consider!

We can provide specialist advice and training across the full employment and immigration law spectrum, including by way of example on; recruitment and selection, disciplinary and grievance matters, discrimination,TUPE and, (topically) redundancy.


4. Business Immigration.

Thirty-four miles from Belfast, just under double that from Dublin, the border city of Newry is an apt connecting point between the two Irish capitals.

Because of our uniquely strategic office location, we are well placed to provide a bespoke cross-border service to businesses.

Cross-border immigration complexities have been amplified by Brexit, COVID-19 and an ever-changing global market.

Talented people are vital to the success of your business, and we understand that securing the right people in the right positions is key to stability and growth.

We understand this and as a result, we ensure we provide our services in a way which will assist your organisation minimise risk and maintain compliance with employment permit and immigration legislation and policy.


5. Outsourced ‘In-House Counsel’.

Not every business has the financial power to employ an ‘In-House Counsel’ because it can be cost prohibitive.

Granite Legal Services can provide your business with the advantage of an outsourced ‘In-House Counsel’ tailored in such a way to suit your business size and financial needs.

Our ‘In-House Counsel’ are capable of providing expert legal assistance and support across a broad range of matters pertinent to your business and regularly provide such support to owners, directors, executive management, human resources, administrative and operations personnel.

We can even take care of the coordination of all legal commercial activity, giving you the freedom to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

6. Legal Review and Audit.

Every business – like every person – needs to take a good hard look at itself every now and again..

That’s because doing so will help the business identify any existing legal and compliance gaps and the resulting risks and then formulate a plan on how to fix these.

Unfortunately by failing to look ‘internally’, many businesses have no true understanding of the level of risk they carry and what could ‘put their lights out’ in a heartbeat.

The Granite Legal Services team provides an excellent ‘legal review and audit’ service.

Whether you want our team of experts to conduct one-off transaction or project assessments or to provide ongoing support, audits and reviews or help identify learning and development needs around risk and compliance matters, we are happy to help.

Find out more by contacting Granite Legal Services today: click HERE.

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