Talented people are vital to the success of any enterprise and we understand that securing the right people for your business is key to supporting stability and growth.

Our offices are strategically placed to provide a bespoke cross-border service and our solicitors are dual-qualified advising on all aspects of Irish and UK business immigration.

We are aware of the various cross-border complexities that face businesses due to an ever-changing global market, economy and political landscape. Our services are designed to assist organisations to minimise risk and maintain compliance with employment permit and immigration legislation and policy.

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Individual client advice on personal immigration matters from visas to citizenship

Host legal training for businesses and individuals from our premises in Newry or on-site

Guidance and support for businesses on migrant workers and changes in immigration

Our services are available cross-border in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Let us take care of your business immigration needs supporting you and your staff on a range of corporate immigration matters, some of which you can learn about below.

Investor, Start-up & Entrepreneur Schemes

Making the decision to start a new business life in Ireland or the UK can seem daunting. You want to ensure any immigration process as seamless and stress free as possible. Granite Legal Services is here to provide full legal advice for any new start-up or expanding business and we are pleased to be able to offer additional support around the migration or recruitment of overseas talent. We provide full advice for investors, start-ups and innovators who wish to relocate to the UK including support for family members or any dependants.

Employment & Working Visas

Skills shortages are a common cause for concern in many businesses today, especially in companies relying on advanced digital processes or seeking to expand internationally. It is crucial to recruit the right talent for your business, fill essential positions and address skills shortages. Overseas recruitment is often necessary and while acquiring the talent in the first place does not often pose an issue, getting staff into the UK or Ireland can at times prove problematic.

We are here to advise on the intricacies of general employment permits and working visas. We provide up-to-date advice in this area which continues to undergo change in response to Brexit and the current political landscape. We can also support applications for dependants or family members who wish to join the worker in Ireland or the UK.

Intra-Company Transfers and Visas for Business Related Activities

Globalisation necessitates the movement and transfer of staff on either a temporary or more permanents basis within a company structure in locations around the world. The process of transferring within a company to the UK or Ireland is often difficult to navigate and success is dependent on a number of key requirements.

We facilitate the transfer of key personnel within companies located overseas with operations in the UK and Ireland. We can provide information for consultants, trainers or company staff who need to carry out business at the UK or Irish premises. Senior management and key personnel should be aware of the steps involved in this process!

Advice for Businesses, Corporations and Investors

Businesses who rely on overseas talent should ensure that they are up to speed with changes in the law affecting their staff.

We can provide tailored advice to suit your business needs when it comes to migrant workers, and together with our Business Law advisors Granite Legal Services can offer a full package of support including employment law advice, auditing and compliance, risk management, day-to-day legal obligations associated with business.


Granite Legal Services is pleased to offer a dedicated specialist immigration law service for individual clients who require legal advice on a range of resident, visa and citizenship issues.